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Why All Moms Need a Camera Bag

As a mother of two kids and photography enthusiast I am what you call a “mom tog”. My camera is always with us when we are traveling or going somewhere new with the kids. The struggle with that has always been that i’ve carried two bags and that is a lot of gear to be hauling around in addition to two young children. I’m so happy to say i’ve finally found a solution to this ‘problem’. A Johansen (or Jo Totes as they are often called) camera bag.

These bags are spacious enough for all of the camera gear a mom needs plus you can add in the diapers and wipes meaning you only need to carry around one bag! Yay! They have a variety of bags to choose from, mine is the Harbourside in navy. It has several pockets, space for your camera, 3 lenses and a laptop. Since I don’t carry that much gear around I use those extra pockets for the diapers, wipes and other necessary diaper bag items. The bag is very sturdy and I feel so much better knowing that my camera and lens are well protected in this bag.

I highly recommend taking a look at their site and making your life easier by combining your camera and diaper bags into one. They even have some styles that can be worn as a backpack. Mother’s day is coming up, after all 😉

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