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Trustworthy Dog Food + Summer Bucket List

I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series for Socialstars™

Hey friends, it’s our final post in partnership with NUTRO™ today. I know we’ve touched on why we absolutely love this dog food and brand but today we want to go a little more in depth regarding the specific reasons. As we’ve mentioned previously the NUTRO™ philosophy is NUTRO. FEED CLEAN™. They are a company that strives to provide pet owners the very best in clean food for their animals. So, here we will break down exactly how they deliver that philosophy to us, followed up with a little Summer Bucket list- dog edition.

They source only non-GMO* ingredients and never add in artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. I honestly can’t believe how many dog food companies add in fake coloring to their pet food, who cares what color my dog’s food is, right?! I’m thankful that the NUTRO™ realizes this and can leave that yucky stuff out of the dog food. In addition to not using those additives, they also do not use chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy protein.
*Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.

NUTRO™ is nutrient-rich food. As mentioned above, the fact that they keep their dog food simple means that all of the ingredients serve a specific purpose. They choose a high quality protein as the foundation for each recipe of dog food.

The NUTRO™ brand establishes a trustworthy relationship with dog owners by maintaining the integrity of their food, from sourcing to testing. They only work with trusted farmers and suppliers and only prepare the food in trusted facilities. Before the dog food is packaged they rigorously test it for quality and safety.

We feel so confident in our decision to feed Lucky the NUTRO™ brand. I’ll say it again- why would we ever want to feed our beloved pet anything but the best!? If you haven’t made the switch to NUTRO™ yet, we highly recommend trying them out. You can find more info about NUTRO™ by clicking here. And with that, here is our Dog Edition Summer bucket list. Our kids helped come up with some fun ideas for Lucky this summer 🙂

– Hike/Walk in the Adirondacks

– Run in the sand at Long Beach Island

– Chase lightning bugs

– Swim in the pool

– Kayak in the bay with us

I think there’s a pretty good chance we can get Lucky to accomplish all of this with us. Have a fun summer, friends!

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