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    DIY Garden Shed

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RoofedItMyself #CollectiveBias

    When we moved into our forever home in the Fall of 2015 we had a long list of projects to complete to make both the indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for our family. The home had been vacant for quite some time and the 13 acres the house sits on were completely neglected for years, possibly even a decade by the looks of it. We were excited to make it all our style and start from scratch, but the extent of the indoor renovations took quite a bit of time so we were not able to focus on our garden area until this Spring. It was a long summer last year without a garden, we were so bummed to be missing out on fresh, home-grown veggies.

    But, the time had finally come to tackle the garden area and garden shed. We had envisioned a large fenced in garden area complete with a cute little garden shed and i’d say this is exactly what we accomplished. At our old home a few of our neighbors had the most adorable (and functional!) tall and skinny sheds on their property and we always wanted a reason to build one on our property so this garden shed idea was inspired by our old neighbors. We really just needed a place to store the garden hose, shovel, baskets and a few other small items.

    As usual we decided to visit Lowe’s to price out the materials for the shed. Luckily my husband is very handy, but even if he wasn’t i’m pretty confident I could have built this shed by myself. It’s a really simple design, and because we decided it didn’t need a door that made it even easier to complete this project. We started in the roofing section at Lowe’s since we decided it was most important to pick a shingle color first.

    We had used GAF Timberline® High Definition® shingles previously (we roofed our old ranch house ourselves) so we knew we wanted to use them again for the roof on our garden shed since we had such a positive experience with them. They are actually the best selling shingle in North America. We think they look great and have proven to be incredibly durable as we’ve had several major storms hit our area in the last few years and the shingles at our old home have held up perfectly. They are the perfect shingle for a DIYer as they are incredibly easy to install and their website provides several videos and instruction on how to get started. I will talk more about that in our step by step guide below.

    So, after deciding on the Timberline HD® shingles in weathered wood we gathered the rest of the roofing supplies like the FeltBuster® High Traction Synthetic Roofing Felt which goes underneath the shingles and the TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles; TimberTex®. We then picked up our lumber which was mostly 2×4’s and pieces of pine to make board and batten siding and headed home.

    We decided to start building the garden shed in our driveway since the structure would be pretty lightweight due to its small size and so we could have easier access to all of the tools and electric outlets. Here is the step by step guide for building your very own 3×2 garden shed:

    Gather your tools:
    Circular Saw
    Tape Measure
    Carpenters Pencil
    Nails (1 1/4″ galvanized roofing nails)
    Safety Goggles

    -First, build the frame for your garden shed

    -Next, build the frame for the roof. Since our door opening will be in the front of she shed it was important to build the roof frame so it angled to the sides.

    -Next up is assembling the roof and laying down the shingles. First put down plywood then add a layer of the FeltBuster®, followed by the aluminum drip edges if you choose to use them. Lastly you can go ahead and shingle the roof and add the hips and caps where necessary. The process of roofing this small garden shed took about 30 minutes and here is the final look of the roof.

    After the roof was assembled we moved the structure up to our garden area and put the board and batten siding on.

    I have plans to stain it a dark brown color to match our barn and chicken coop but the non stop rain and illnesses running through our home the past few weeks has delayed that. So, that will be happening in the next week or so and once it does i’ll be sure to update this post!

    What are your summer project plans? Will you be roofing anything? I’m itching to do more projects so let me hear your ideas and in the meantime be sure to check out this website for more inspiration!