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    Gift Guide for the Outdoors Family

    We’ve put together a gift guide for the outdoors family! It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for so many reasons- the upcoming Holiday, the start of winter and depending on where you live that brings with it a whole lot of snow and new adventures!

    Last year we took our then 4 and 1 year old snowshoeing in the Adirondacks and we all had a blast. This year we plan to do a ton more of that plus start the boys out snowboarding. We knew we needed to get a whole new set of gear for the little guys and ourselves, thus the inspiration behind this years Holiday gift guide.

    No matter the age of your little ones it is never too early to teach them a love of the outdoors and adventure. I’m so proud of my little dudes who are always willing to try new sports, are troopers on long hikes and who already want to travel the world! Read more about our adventures here. If you’re part of an outdoorsy, travel loving family or know one, I hope you can use some of the ideas in our gift guide to make your holiday gift giving a bit easier.

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurous Family
    1 – Burton Riglet
    2 – Airplane Tray Table Cover
    3 – Woom Bike
    4 – Yeti Snowshoes
    5 – Fold Up Travel Toy
    6 – HydroFlask
    7 – Coordinates Necklace
    8 – Happy Baby Carrier
    9 – Scratch Off Travel Map
    10 – Snowshoes

    Scroll down for a bit more in-depth talk about why we recommend each one of these gifts in our gift guide!

    1. Let’s talk about the Burton Riglet- both of my boys are obsessed with it. It comes with a tow string so you can pull them around any smooth surface and start practicing balance before the snow even hits! We are super excited to hit up our local Burton Riglet park this winter. You can add bindings to the board once your kids are ready so this is truly the perfect beginner board.

    2. The TRAYtable cover is an absolute must for any traveling family. It fits on any airplane tray table and not only provides some germ protection but it makes for great storage for a few small toys and art supplies to keep the kids busy on a flight.

    3. This Woom Bike is amazing, we got the Woom 2 for our two year old who is very proficient on the balance bike and he’s already getting the hang of the pedal bike without training wheels. It’s incredibly lightweight and really the perfect bike for any little kid.

    4. As I mentioned above we are really into snowshoeing and when I saw these LL Bean Yeti snowshoes I couldn’t resist for our 5 year old. Our 2 year old is still a bit young to keep up at our pace so he will be in the backpack carrier for a few more years while we snowshoe. My favorite thing about LL Bean is that they have a lifetime guarantee on everything. I’ve shrunk my husbands sweaters from there and have been able to exchange them years later for a full price store credit. You really can’t beat that!

    5. I’ve talked about these fold up travel toys before and that’s because we are obsessed with them. Handmade Happiness by Ruth offers several different scenes to surprise your little one with. They’ve kept our kids busy on several road trips these past few years and they are definitely small enough to pack in a carry on for flights. The perfect, quality gift to give your little ones!

    6. We’ve also talked about our love for the HydroFlask water bottles, everyone in our family has one and although they are a bit pricey they are worth every penny. The bottles keep ice for up to 24 hours and they don’t sweat. They come in so many sizes, colors and styles making them the perfect stocking stuffer.

    7. This coordinates necklace from our shop, B.Stamped is the perfect gift for any travel lover. Personalize it with the coordinates of any meaningful location and pick from 3 metal options and 2 chain lengths. Truly a meaningful gift for any adventurous lady!

    8. This Happy Baby Carrier is the first of its kind- a stylish and useful one! Our 2 year old still loves being worn and after trying so many carriers over the past 5 years I can honestly say this is one of the most comfortable ones. It comes in several different colors and patterns and they even offer a wrap option for younger babies.

    9. This scratch off travel tracker map from Landmass Goods has to be one of my most favorite things ever made. Our family has such a love of traveling and experiencing new things and are so happy to have found this perfect scratch off map to keep track of our travels and plan new ones. It’s already enhanced my children’s love of travel and exploration. A definite must for any travel lover on your list!

    10. These LL Bean women’s snowshoes are one of the most affordable options on the market. The fact that they stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee is enough reason to purchase from them!

    In addition to each of these 10 items we also love gifting experiences like museum passes, lift tickets and gift cards for travel such as airbnb.

    So, that is our 2017 Gift Guide for the Outdoors Family. Let us know if you gift any of these or if you have any other recommendations, we would love to hear them. Happy Holidays, friends!

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